There are so many ways of incorporating scarves into your everyday look. Picture: Pinterest
There are so many ways of incorporating scarves into your everyday look. Picture: Pinterest

7 stylish ways to wear a scarf this summer

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Dec 19, 2019

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If you haven’t noticed, scarves are this summer’s hottest accessory. From cheeky handkerchief-style tops to sweeping up locks with knotted head-wraps, these playful pieces of fabric are versatile to the point of fulfilling all your fashion needs.

There are so many ways of incorporating scarves into your everyday look so don’t opt for wrapping one around your neck and calling it a day. This season in fashion, it’s all about taking things to the next level.

In silk, cotton, modal or fleece, they look flattering in floral, chinoiserie, chevron, and more because, when it comes to scarves, absolutely anything goes. Although they’ll take you from winter through to spring and summer, we think that this accessory is best served with a side of sunshine.

Seven different ways to wear a scarf this summer(other than draped around your neck).

1. As a top

Scarves are more than just an accessory. When strategically folded and tied just the right way, they make for flirty, floaty tops that pair perfectly with denim, skirts or even under dungarees. 

2. As a belt

Thread a light cotton or silk scarf through the belt loops of jeans, a skirt or shorts for a fresh summer twist. Or, take things from the beach to brunch by winding a scarf around the waist of a dress to cinch in your waist for a very flattering finish.

3. Around your neck

A trend revived from the 90s, chokers are chic, sophisticated and look even better when combined with the scarf trend. Fold a handkerchief scarf  into one skinny line with pointed ends, tie around your neck and voila, you have yourself a new choker. 

4. On your handbag

Everyone has that everyday handbag that they carry with them everywhere. Spruce things up a little by winding a scarf around the handle of your bag, weaving it through chunky metal links or simply tying it into a bow. As an extension of your outfit, you can opt to mix and match them throughout the week to suit various outfits and occasions.

5. In your hair

Our favourite take on the trend is to wear one in your hair. Wrap a scarf around your head, weave it through plaits or tie it around your ponytail so it flows down your back. 

6. On your wrist

Scarves with vibrant, punchy prints in a fruity candy colour palette make for beautiful jewellery alternatives. They can be tied around wrists or used in place of a watch strap to add colour and character to outfits. 

7. On your ankles

This one may seem a little out of the ordinary but the final look is so cool, and perfect for the season. Reminiscent of how ballerinas tie their pointe shoes, this trend pairs well with just about any shoe. 

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