Models present latest fashion trends and the SupremeCare washing range. Pic: Tracey Adams
Models present latest fashion trends and the SupremeCare washing range. Pic: Tracey Adams

Cape Town, South Africa, 23rd February 2017 – Whirlpool SA recently hosted a media launch where they introduced their new SupremeCare washing range in-front of a crowd of fashion expects.

Whirlpool came into the event with the primary goal of showcasing the next generation of washing and presenting their first annual Fashion Trend Report, which will be printed in Elle magazine’s April edition.

SPACE’s Senior Event’s Producer, Treyvone Musa, and Public Relations Associate, Thato Malindi, set out to provide Whirlpool’s guests with the best experience, resulting in the world class event hosted at the Roodebloom Studios in Cape Town. Whirlpool themed the media launch as a Fashion Trend Report, where collections from designers such as Nicholas Coult, Merwe Mode, Crystal Birch and Chulaab Okapi, to name a few, presented the latest fashion trends to lookout for in 2017.

Chef Matt Manning Pic: Tracey Adams

One Ingredient Chef Matt Manning illustrated his divine culinary skills by spoiling guests with a “food meets fashion” menu.

Guests also had the opportunity to witness how intelligent the 6TH SENSE machines are when it comes to automatically adjusting resources (water, energy and washing detergents) to the amount of load placed in the drum.

Whirlpool’s Marketing Manager Michelle Morrick introduced Whirlpool’s SupremeCare Colours 15°C option dedicated to different colour choices, this 6TH SENSE colours programme ensures supreme colour conservation and unparalleled fabric protection which inevitably became a big hit with the featured fashion designers. Whirlpool concluded the event with fascinated guests and an experience to archive as a success.

Independent Media Fashion and Beauty editor, Nontando Mposo with Seth Shezi, Lee Fraser and Anuell Ahmar attend the media launch. Pic: Tracey Adams