Amanda Black’s Maseru Jazz Festival outfit causes hot fashion debate

Amanda Black. Picture: Supplied

Amanda Black. Picture: Supplied

Published Sep 27, 2023


When it comes to her live performances, singer Amanda Black always puts comfort first with her mostly seen in outfits that allow her to move freely on stage, without limitations.

The ‘Amazulu’ hitmaker even performs barefoot, and keeps things simple, letting her performances just be about the music.

However, her outfit at the Maseru Jazz Festival has become the centre of attention instead of her performance.

A picture of Black on stage at the festival has trended online with many weighing in on her outfit of choice.

The picture, which was taken at an unflattering angle, showed Black’s short dress, revealing her under garments.

@MsRebaone shared on X: “I paid R250 for a ticket and Amanda Black came like this last night ko Maseru Jazz Festival 😭😭”

Social media users have been weighing in, with many expressing that Black was dressed as though she wasn’t prepared for her show.

Others asked for the artist’s outfit not to be policed and for the focus to be on her performance.

@Cellular_jnr said: “Stop judging people how they should be wearing… You went to the event to hear what she sings not what she’s wearing!”

@madamzoe said: “So let's say she sang her heart out,it still doesn't justify her looking like she didn't bathe, packaging is a big part of being an artist, I doubt any of you show up like this in your jobs but here you are saying as long as she performed, yiyekeni lento yenu, she was wrong for this.”

@NubianSen said: “She dressed like me doing laundry on a lazy Saturday morning 🤣🤣🤣i hope you guys had fun 🤩”

@RefilweSeboko said: “I see nothing wrong with the outfit.. She was wearing what most of yall look like in daily basis.”