The comfort in Adidas’ BOOST tech is now part of Reebok’s legendary Instapump Fury silhouette. Picture: Supplied
To celebrate the 25 years mileage of the iconic Reebok’s iconic Instapump Fury, Reebok and parent company Adidas have joined forces to drop a historic cross-pollination of brands, mixing the Instapump Fury and Adidas’ famed BOOST technology.

This alliance and innovative crossover defies the borders usually seen between Reebok’s vector and the three stripes brand.

The comfort in Adidas’ BOOST tech is now part of Reebok’s legendary Instapump Fury silhouette, looking forever stylish as per Reebok’s already revolutionary design.

“For many people it’s no secret that both Reebok and Adidas form part of the same family. However, up until now, we have both played in our own lanes, and owned our own individual markets,” said PJ Morilly, Brand Director Reebok South Africa.

“However, the Instapump Fury BOOST brings two icons of the two brands into the spotlight, and encompasses the features that each of the brands’ flagship sneakers are famous for. In the case of Adidas it’s the BOOST soles, and for Reebok it’s the daring silhouette of our sneakers that fans have loved since their inception.”

The Instapump Fury BOOST will drop later this year, with a variety of colourways in its signature yellow, crimson, and black styling, as well as a variant that features the UltraBOOST’s typical black and blue colourings.

Check out on November 16, 2019 for the Prototype. 

In other news, Reebok also dropped an exclusive #TheSneAKA with South African rapper, Kiernan  Forbes known professionally as AKA. With only 600 pairs available, the long-awaited limited edition collaborative sneaker sold out in just 10 minutes via Reebok’s online store.