Baby Makhosi. Picture"Supplied.
At just two years old, Makhosini Shozi is already making waves in the fashion industry. 

He was introduced to the fashion world by his mom, Sithelo Shozi, who would post pictures of him on social media in cute outfits.

Currently sitting with 38 000 followers on Instagram it is safe to say he is a influencer .Talking to his mother, Makhosini is a child who knows what he wants and is seen as a national treasure, he has now launched his own clothing range called Baby Makhosini.

Makhosini Shozi. Picture: Supplied. 

First, let me start by saying you have a very handsome little man in Makhosini, who dresses him?

I pick up clothes for him as he’s still young but he pretty much knows what he wants. You know how children will always direct you to do what they want but since he’s still a baby, I organise what he wears.

What drove you to the channel of branding your child from a very young age?

A lot of companies would approach us wanting to use Makhosini as the face but that only makes their brand grow. I wanted something that would grow with my son and that he could reap the rewards of, rather than working for somebody else and making their dreams happen whereas he’s falling short on the other side.

Dressed up in Baby Makhosi. 

When did you decide on opening a clothing line for him?

I noticed that my son had become a brand and a lot of people all around the country love him.I thought about how I could make an opportunity for him out of this and I saw that there was a gap in the market for kids’ apparel.

There might be some people that are doing it, but people underestimate the business and run it on a very small scale. This is a growing business, children are born everyday and are growing every single day. 

You would find that parents want to spent on a special occasion for children and anything that’s dear to the parents will make them want to do more for the child.

Makhosini Shozi looking cute in his apparel. 

Say in the next few years to come, where do you see Baby Makhosini?

Opportunities are endless, I don’t want to say that I see myself branching into big shops selling there, no, I don’t want to limit myself. The more you dream, the more you want to see your business grow. 

I want the brand to grow as big as it can. I want my son to one day to hold the brand and make it grow whether it’s something he’ll be doing on the side while pursuing his other passions but I want him to know his mom did this for him.

Connect with them via Instagram on @baby_makhosini.