The new Emporio Armani glasses for women.
Daring shapes, innovative materials and dynamic structures: these are the hallmarks of Emporio Armani glasses, which are designed for men and women who  represent themselves as people who possess conviction and a love of simplicity, and seek a fun, light-hearted approach to fashion. 

The collection for spring/summer is wide and varied, allowing everyone to express their own style and personality.

Looking sleek in the Emporio Armani sunglasses. Picture: Supplied. 

EA 2070 - A star of the men’s spring/summer show, this metal aviator model is a perfect example of the brand’s contemporary style. The ultra-light frame has a deliberately irregular design with sculpted shapes that make it dynamic and bold.

It  is available in a bright copper- coloured frame with rose gold mirrored lenses, and with a matte gunmetal frame with light gold- brown mirrored lenses.

The EA 1073 comes in glasses with a cutting-edge frame featuring a metal structure and injected front. The opaline shade of the nylon fibre pleasantly contrasts with the matte metal and reveals it with a captivating, slightly retro effect. Available in transparent matte grey and gunmetal.

Stylish in Emporio Armani. Picture: Supplied. 

For women, the EA 4121 (catwalk style) features a striking, round, oversized shape and have a retro feel. There is an innovative double layer of contrasting lenses visible on the top part of the frame front, accentuating the shape and colour of the frame. 

EA 4120 - Lightness, innovation and a bold geometric shape distinguish this ‘inverted’ semi -rim model. The lenses, which are exposed in the upper part, are surrounded atmthe bottom by a striking semi -frame front injected with nylon fibre. The design is bold yet feminine and sophisticated.