The new 'Love the Progress' Converse collection is inspired by the power of love, unity, and community. Picture: Supplied.
Following last year’s successful campaign of ‘All The Stories Are True’ with local artists, Trompies, Mr Ekse and J’Something, Converse is taking it to the next level with a female footwear crafted collection titled ‘Love the Progress’. 

Inspired by the power of love, unity and community, ‘Love the Progress’ features Karabo Poppy a multi-award-winning illustrator, graphic designer and street artist from  Vereeniging, Stacey-Lee May one of the country’s first female spinners, Zulaikha Patel a teenage activist who helped lead the protest against the policy of how young, black  women were allowed to wear their hair at school and Just Robin a singer, dancer and on her way to being SA’s pop princess.

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Although they come from different backgrounds, all women have something in common- they use their girl power to challenge the norms and make their voices heard.

The collection which features soft premium leather with bold graphic statements on the rubber tapping will be available at Converse stores and selected retailers.

The new 'Love the Progress' sneaker. Picture: Supplied.