KFM presenter, Sechaba G. (Pic: Instagram)
One of Cape Town’s most anticipated gathering, the Cintron Pink Polo will take place on Saturday at the Val de Vie Estate. 

The event brings together the South African elite, entertainers, socialites, families  and the who-is-who in the sport of polo, business and the social scene.  

The affair is for raising funds and creating awareness of symptoms and early detection of breast cancer, as well as assisting women and men affected by the disease, throughout South Africa. It also celebrates survivors of breast cancer and their inspirational stories of hope, healing and triumph. 

The immaculate Val de Vie Estate in Paarl will be tastefully transformed into a fluffy pink heaven. Decorated with vibrant hues of fresh pink, red, navy and silver with touches of textured fabrics and patterns. Which is the inspiration for the “Polo Chic” dress code and décor.  

What you wear on the day is key, from your outfit, to your hair and make-up, a balance of comfort and style go hand-in-hand.  
KFM presenter, Sechaba G. (Pic: Instagram)
KFM presenter, Sechaba G offers these tips on how to dress on the day.

1. A good pair of sunnies for the day can add an extra pop to any outfit (so choose them wisely)
An off the shoulder floral dress for a little something extra. Dress from Ruff Tung (Pic: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)
2. A jumpsuit (light fabrics) is always a winner as well as a stunning and comfortable floral dress (maybe even off the shoulder for a little something extra)
3. A good and comfortable pair of wedges
4. A colourful block heel can always work too (and even some stunning flats/and sandals)
Outfit from Orapeleng Modutle collection. (Pic: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)
5. A fabulous sun hat/ straw hat or a wide brimmed hat is always beneficial
1. STILETTO HEELS! Did I not tell you there's grass?
2. Black is always great, but maybe not for the polo in the daytime, and in the heat. Now is the time to play with colours and patterns.
3. A ball gown. Haha!
4. A very short and glitzy (sequin) dress. I mean to each their own, but remember it's still day time. If you want to show off your legs, go for a off the shoulder/above the knee floral dress or a beautiful skirt.
5. No fascinators