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Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Dad challenges gender norms by wearing sexy heels and mini skirts to work

Mark Bryan wears tight skirts and high heels to work. Picture: Instagram

Mark Bryan wears tight skirts and high heels to work. Picture: Instagram

Published Oct 22, 2020


Four years ago 61-year-old Mark Bryan, robotics engineering manager, started wearing women's clothes.

Determined to challenge gender stereotypes when it comes to fashion he comfortably wears tight skirts and high heels to work, at the shops and even at home, Bored Panda reported.

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Bryan, a straight, happily married, father-of-three first started wearing heels when he was in college, when his then-girlfriend asked him to before he danced with her.

His Instagram page, markbryan911, showcases some of his daily outfits.

His Instagram bio reads: “I am just a straight, happily married guy that loves Porsche’s , beautiful women, and incorporating high heels and skirts into my daily wardrobe.”

He generally wears men’s wear on the top and ladies wear below the waist. Which would any thing from a mini to maxi skirt and stilleto heels to thigh-high boots.

Not only does Bryan have legs any woman would die for, but a shoe collection to match.

From looking at his outfits, it’s clear that he has a love for body-hugging skirts which, he admits, aren’t the most comfortable, but he likes the heels look with tight pencil skirts.

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Bryan told Bored Panda that he wears the clothes he does “because I can” and claimed he has always admired women who wear tight skirts and heels and the power they present.

He’s often questioned about his sexuality, which he says can make him short tempered.

“Most of the time, I’ll tell them it's none of their business,” he said. “Other times, I’ll just say, I'm straight.

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“But there are times I’ll go off on some, mostly men, when asked. I’ll respond with something like ’Why would me wearing a skirt make you think of my sexual preferences?’ or ’Would you ask that same question if I was wearing pants?’, or ’Do you ask a women wearing a skirt and heels her sexual preferences?"'

Here are a few of his head-turning looks.

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