Dame Joan Collins attends the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala. Picture: Reuters

Dame Joan Collins 'hates' jeans, as she says she finds them 'unflattering', and wishes people would 'dress up' a little more.

The 86-year-old actress has said that whilst she enjoys wearing "comfortable" clothes, she will never don a simple pair of jeans because she finds them "unflattering".

She said: "I hate jeans. I hate them, they're so unflattering. And I hate jeans with holes in the knees, or holes anywhere. I'm not keen on T-shirts with logos, either. I like to be comfortable, but I want to be elegant, too."

And Joan - who is the face is of the Valentino Christmas campaign, which launched on Tuesday - also praised fashion designer Valentino Garavani for always remaining "exquisitely dressed" and joining her in shunning denim.

She added: "I don't really fit in with the LA lifestyle, because everyone's in T-shirts and jeans, and I don't like that look. Oh, and neither does Valentino, by the way. Mr Valentino is always exquisitely dressed, which I love."

The 'Dynasty' star hopes that people will "spend more money on clothes" in the future as she lamented the way people have stopped "dressing up", in favour of wearing casual clothes.

Midsummer Party for the Elton John Aids Foundation in Antibes. Picture: Reuters

She explained: "I really hope that people will spend more money on clothes, because nobody dresses up anymore. If you do, then people stare at you, or make cutting remarks ... well, maybe not cutting, but they'll say something like, 'Oh, look at you! You're all dressed up.' I find that very sad, because it will be the end of women buying elegant clothes in stores. Everybody's going to end up in jeans and T-shirts, which I think is tragic."

Joan also said she likes to keep her wardrobe up to date, and always makes sure to clear out her old garments every few years.

Speaking to Vogue magazine, she said: "You can't keep clothes for decades. They just don't look right."