David Tlale denies allegations of sexual assault levelled against him

David Tlale. Picture: Instagram

David Tlale. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 9, 2022


Over the weekend, entrepreneur Sindile Zack Dudumashe took to his Instagram account to detail allegations of rape and exploitation at the hands of Tlale.

In a lengthy post, Dudumashe detailed meeting the designer through AFI and how they forged a friendship.

"I was charmed and inspired by him. A role model to me at the time and to cut a long story short, he drugged and sexually abused me, he then exploited me of my skills during the pandemic,” he wrote.

“He would ask I write him, pressers, sponsorship proposals and other strategies/copy, promise to pay me, often in clothing but wouldn't actually and when I'd remind him, he'd get defensive and gaslight me.”

Speaking to IOL Lifestyle, Tlale refuted the allegations, saying: “Some very serious and quite damning allegations levelled against me and my professional brand have surfaced over the weekend.

“These allegations are categorically false and only seek to cause me serious harm and also seek to undermine the lived experiences of those who are real victims of sexual assault of any nature,” he said.

“While I consult with my internal team of experts on this matter, this shall be the first and only comment on this issue until I am advised otherwise,” said Tlale.

Dudumashe told IOL Lifestyle he is yet to take any legal action against Tlale following his accusations against the popular fashion mogul.

“I want to go that route but I’m fearful and still just listening to God,” he said.