In Privé Revaux eyewear, Dj Zinhle. Picture: Instagram.
Popularly known by her stage name, DJ Zinhle, Zinhle Jiyane is making money moves and has just landed an international endorsement deal as the local celebrity partner for Privé Revaux, a world-famous eye-wear brand, which counts Hailee Steinfeld, Ashley Benson, Jeremy Piven and Jamie Foxx as its brand ambassadors.

Jiyane is also the founder of Era by DJ Zinhle, an accessories brand specialising in watches, which was established five years ago.

What does it mean to be a celebrity partner for this international brand?

I think it’s all about growth more than anything and it’s fun growth because I love sunglasses as well as fashion. It’s a way of expanding my brand.

I’ve done a lot of work locally with Era by DJ Zinhle and this is another way to get into a different space.

The new local celebrity partner for Privé Revaux. Picture: Itumeleng English. 

Why are partnerships with international brands so important?

Partnering with international brands comes as an exciting opportunity because I get to learn not just from a local landscape, but to also see what they’re doing internationally.

This is an established brand; it’s not just about making money only but also an opportunity for me to learn and see how they got this far, and how I can use that for my own brand.

Speaking of your brand, when you started Era by DJ Zinhle, what were the main objectives?

I wanted to branch into other things. I hope I can be a DJ forever but that’s not the reality of things. I wanted to grow my brand outside music.

I studied and graduated in marketing, so I enjoy doing that. Starting Era by DJ Zinhle was also a way of getting into the marketing space and do what I studied for. With this brand, we’re not just selling watches, we’re selling an idea to women about the times we live in and it’s become inspirational to them.

Dj Zinhle looking all stylish in Privé Revaux eyewear. Picture: Instagram. 

Now that you’ve mentioned it, what’s your fashion inspiration in terms of designs?

I travel a lot. I love textures and I benchmark from other people. Usually it’s the things that appeal to me. It is work but also a fun project for me, where I explore things. With Era we’ve been so diverse with African ideas, the prints and using the actual continent on our new watches.

How has Era grown and what more can we expect from the brand?

We’ve grown a lot. Our fifth-year goal was to open a store and we’ve done that already, two years ago in Newtown, Joburg. The plan now is to grow the sales in South Africa and I think we’re doing very well.

Besides your work which you’ve mentioned that is “fun”, what do you do for fun?

Being a mother is exciting for me because my child is funny. Pearl (Thusi) and I party a lot, so we do that for fun but I do also enjoy being with family and friends.

Stunning in Privé Revaux eyewear. Picture: Instagram. 

We’re in June, a month known as Youth Month. What change would you like to see within the youth of South Africa?

I feel like the youth need independence and we need to do more to give them that. We need more jobs, more opportunities and education. We need to invest in the youth because they’re the future of this country.

Words of wisdom for the youth?

There’s no better time than now to be yourself because that is what makes us unique. Be yourself, focus on winning your own race and don’t look at what other people are doing. Trust yourself.

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-Sunday Independent