Naturally, Sandra Thomas owner of Satin Candy Bra Boutique frequently does field research, and this month’s particular research work is specifically on whether men out there notice their women wearing beautiful underwear. She found there to be some really interesting feedback.

A large group of men of all ages, married and those in relationships were interviewed, and included some “Man Friends”. The guys were more than willing to share some gallant declarations with her, while the standard gentlemen (mostly husbands) were a little more cautious about their answers and some even insisted on a confidentiality agreement. However, back to the point, everyone responded.

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Some of the replies were as follows:

“When I see my wife wearing sexy underwear, I ask myself… what has she done now?”

“Yes we do. Lace underwear is my personal favourite.”

“Yes I do notice it… I may not say anything about them, but I see everything!!!”

“Only when I have to separate the whites from the colours”

“Yes. Nothing more attractive than a woman who is confident in her appearance”

“Sexy underwear should be the benchmark. Anything less and she’s got far too comfortable.”

“Yes, subtle is sexy, over exposed is tacky. And you can quote me here with my name and number!”

“I mainly only notice what’s worn to bed.”

“I notice the beautiful expensive underwear especially when it matches, because I buy that beautiful expensive underwear.”

“Yes definitely! Sexy underwear increases the sex appeal of a woman’s body dramatically. It’s an extra present under the clothes she wears.”

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When reflecting on the comments, Thomas added, “ I rest my case they definitely notice, whether they admit it or not! Men are simple creatures and are mechanically “moved” by visual stimulation. So whether you are wearing your everyday undies or a sexy set of luxury lingerie, your man is sure to sneak a peek.”

“So use this to your advantage ladies! When you feel the need for a little attention or are simply “in the mood”, plan a subtly sexy, “I’m in my underwear and didn’t notice you staring” moment. Sit on the edge of the bed in your lacy briefs while you slowly button up your blouse over your busty breasts. Casually stroll around the house in your jeans and best brassiere while you “search for a hair band”. Undress in front of him after work and stare blankly into your open wardrobe in nothing but your knickers as you dramatically decide what to wear. He may not entirely pick up on the obvious hint, but once you have his attention, you are in the driver’s seat!” Thomas added.

At the end of my tireless research into the mind of men, she realised the girl power truth, it doesn't even matter. It should however matter to you; bring your sexy back and stop wearing that old t-shirt bra or even that old t-shirt to bed, it will make you feel better and start feeling and looking fantastic.

So pop into Satin Candy for a hot new number and get your sexy back. Or, you may order online now.