Persephone: Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is the ultimate “it” girl and Instagram queen. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Lidewij Edelkoort is a name that is synonymous with the world of trend forecasting. She has been at the forefront of every major trend since 1986, travelling the globe and studying the evolution of socio-cultural trends; and then sharing her predictions with affluent clients in the fashion, lifestyle and architectural industry.

Every six months, Edelkoort conceives the General Trend Book which forecasts the main trends two years in advance. Her latest trend book for 2019, Goddess (trends S/S 2019), was presented as part of Design Indaba 2018 at the Lisof: Fashion Design School and Retail Education Institute in Johannesburg.

Demeter: Actress Blake Lively is well known for her nurturing personality. Picture: Reuters

In it, she focuses on the “goddesses” of the past to define women of today. “The goddess movement is behind a turnaround in fashion. The days of normcore and streetwise basics will “evaporate in the face of a revolution”, she said.

Taking inspiration from Jean Bolen’s Goddesses in Everywoman, Edelkoort looked at several archetypes of goddesses from all continents. Want to know what you could be wearing in 2019, then take note of the following:

Athenae: Jessica Alba is CEO of The Honest Company. An intelligent woman that holds her own, she’s not just a pretty face. Picture: AP


The queen of the underworld in Greek mythology, a lot of “it” girls will relate to her archetype. She is the Instagram-ready princess doll that only loves beautiful things like delicate fabrics and transparent colours.

Mother Earth: The babouche is a shoe favoured by Mother Earth types. Picture: Pinterest


Demeter represents fertility and motherhood – she is the ultimate nurturing archetype. She is drawn towards full and layered highwaisted dresses.


Mother Earth is concerned about nourishing the world This means a gravitational pull towards natural fabrics. Hence, the move towards easy, simple designs. The must-have is the babouche – a shoe originally worn by Muslim women.


Aphrodite was born from the cut-off genitals of her father mixed with the foam of the sea, so she loves foaming materials, layers and frills. You’ll find her dressed in pale colours, transparent textiles and elastic textiles to show off her body.

Like Hestia, singer Ariana Grande is attracted to medium, dense colours. Picture: Reuters


Here, both men and women can relate. Hestia is romantic with a caring disposition. She is comfortable being on her own but would welcome a partner. She is attracted to medium, dense colours and denim.


The Egyptian goddess of cats, Bastet is the dancer archetype that displays physical characteristics like little hands and a high neck. Elegant and supple, her style is about sophistication and small hairdos.

Bastet: Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg is known for her stylish choice of clothing. Picture: AP


An intellectual, mature woman, Athenae has masculine characteristics. She is a diplomat, politician or chief executive. She is attracted to neutrals and armour-like fabrics that are woven, quilted or stitched.