The embroidery trend lends itself to a casual boho style. Dress from MrP. Earrings from 1/1creations. Picture: David Ritchie

WHEN Gucci showed their Spring/Summer 2017 collection almost every piece featured embroidered details.
The collection, inspired mainly by traditional Chinese embroidery depicting fierce dragons and cherry blossoms, but incorporated into edgy designs. From their bags to shoes, embroidery was a distinct and unmissable feature. Even their menswear items featured embroidery detailed on jackets and pants. Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen included embroidery in their collections as well.

Embroidery is a strong element of the Gucci Spring/Summer collection. Picture: Maxi Rossi, Reuters

Needless to say the trend leaped off the runway and straight into street wear. If an embroidered Gucci dress or bag isn’t in your budget, then here are a few ideas on how to incorporate this hot trend into your everyday look and budget.

The embroidery trend lends itself to a casual boho style. Dress from MrP. Earrings from 1/1creations. Picture: David Ritchie

Casual: from long walks on the beach to breakfast with the girls, a little boho dress with embroidered details is a sure win. Whether you opt for a maxi or shorter length dress, you can’t go wrong when you pair it with a pair of strappy sandals. A loose-flowing traditional Ukrainian design inspired top with details on the sleeve or neckline is great worn with skinnies. Any jeans or cut off shorts with embroidery on the pockets work just as well with a crisp white T-shirt. Satin bombers are still on trend. Look out for jackets with embroidery on the back or down the front. Embroidered designs add a softer touch to oversized sweaters or hoodies. Always bear in mind that wearing separates to focus on either the top or the bottom of your outfit.

Office wear: look out for crisp white or classic blue pin-striped shirts with pretty embroidered collars or pockets. Worn with smart pants and heels this is an instant stylish upgrade which works in any work environment with or without the laid-back feel. Another option would be a cardigan with embroidery down the front or on the shoulders as long as the rest of your look is kept simple. A pair of sling-back heels with feminine floral details is a supple way to introduce the trend into your office look.

A short, fully embroidered skirt makes for a statement piece for a night out from H&M.

Evening wear: this is where you can go for more elaborate, bigger and bolder details. A short skirt covered in bold colours and intricate designs worn with a velvet top or sequins jacket will make a statement for sure. If you’re a fan of the sheer trend this is a great way to cover up the breast area if you are daring enough to not opt for layering. Any luxurious fabrics like velvet or satin embellished with embroidery and beading will ensure that you shine on a night out.

Embroidery detail on a shoe is an easy way to get the look from MrP.

Accessories: a simple way to bring a trend into any outfit is with accessories. Here the options are pretty much endless. An embroidered backpack for daytime casual or a clutch with a simple little rose detail works well for evenings. Same applies to shoes. You can effortlessly add a daintily embroidered shoe to any outfit. You will not have to look far to find a hat or scarf with a bit of embroidery on it either.

* Model: Stefaren Silvan. Make-up Artist: Estelle Gordon.