The new Gavin Rajah summer collection. Picture: Supplied.
Using contemporary botanical illustrations and artisanal prints that evoke a modern element of fantasy to create distinctive interiors, prominent South African designer, Gavin Rajah has unveiled his summer collection for @home. 

The classic Gavin Rajah collection inspired by the Indian Summer. 

Inspired by the “Indian Summer,” the collection consists of soft furnishings, bed throws and intricately detailed pillows with meticulous embellishments and alluring prints.

Elegant Gavin Rajah number. Picture: Supplied. 

Using materials and ornate embellishments that allow the allure of India to shine through- the Indian Summer collection comprises of sultry velvets adorned with metallic threading and glass beads, creating a luxurious aesthetic for the living areas while lush cotton keeps things cool in the bedroom for those balmy summer nights.

“I loved the ornate detailing on neutral surfaces and at the same time the lush garden settings of the palaces. I chose a signature emerald green and added pewter and marble. The signature prints find their inspiration in the same moment with flourishes of Indian palms, birdlife and Indian block prints” - Gavin Rajah.

The Gavin Rajah Kimono. Picture: Supplied. 

Greatly influenced by Rajah's fashion roots, most noticeably in his signature detailing, the Indian Summer collection is now available exclusively in @home stores throughout South Africa.