Nandi Madida enjoys spending time with her family. Picture: Instagram.
Nandi Madida enjoys spending time with her family. Picture: Instagram.

Fashion moms share their lockdown diaries

By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article published May 7, 2020

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We spoke to a few mothers who shared their lockdown diaries, and while some seemed to be having a hard time coping, the likes of Nandi Madida said she was carrying on with life as usual. 

Madida is a musician, TV host, actress and founder of Colour Fashion Label. She is also a mother of two – a son, 3, and daughter, 1 – who hasn’t had many problems adjusting to the new lockdown rules because she’s used to working from home. 

“Nothing much has changed and I’ve been telling people that my life has been on lockdown for the longest time. But from a psychological perspective, it’s very different when you’re doing something that you want and when someone says you can’t go out. The issue is not having the freedom to go out and just meeting people. Also, being around a large group of people, the whole world misses that,” said Madida. 

On how her son had been dealing with the lockdown, she said he did miss his friends but it was not much of a big deal. 

“My son is very young it was not too much of a shock. I’ve been very fortunate that the industry I'm in is very flexible. If I’m not travelling I’m working from home. My son used to see his friends here and there but it was never anything hectic. There was a huge adjustment but he does miss his friends because when he speaks to his teachers and his school friends he’s happy to see them," she said. 

 Madida added she was happy to spend Mother's Day with her family. 

For Mother's Day, Madida just wants to spend time with her family. Picture: Instagram. 

“Mother’s Day to me is the joy of having my family around. I don’t usually plan for that my husband does but the way things are set up, I’ll just be home and the joy of having my kids around is all that matters,” Madida said. 

Things haven’t been easy for Tshepi Vundla, who has a toddler son. Vundla is a fashion and beauty influencer as well as a YouTuber. 

For her, having to focus on her school work, be a mother and still keep her son entertained has been a challenge.  

“It’s been very tough, Siba has been home for three months now. I have to keep him entertained and still fit in school work but I have my mom, partner and his live-in nanny (thank goodness). He keeps asking to go to school and the store but I have to remind him about corona," said Vundla. 

On how she tackled the challenges, Vundla said the fact her son wanted to watch videos on YouTube hadn’t made things easier. 

“We haven’t followed our standard routines so it’s been tough. We're struggling with screen time because all he wants to do is watch YouTube on the iPad/laptop but his school has helped via the class WhatsApp group,” she said. 

Tshepi Vundla and her little one, Siba. 

For Mother’s Day, she hopes the father of her child has a little something planned for her but she’s having lunch with her mom. 

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