These Crocs have to go, pretty flowers and all. (Pic: Instagram)

Looking back on 2017 there are a few fashion trends that stand out. That we just had to have in our wardrobe. There are those that will most likely stay in your for a while. 

While there are others that we hope not to see in 2018. Maybe ever!

Here are a few trends that needs to stay in 2017 and those which we’ve more seen more than enough of. 

Balenciaga's fugly sneakers is high on the must-go list. (Pic: Instagram)

Fugly sneakers: So it seems Balenciaga was on a mission to design the ugliest shoes this year. Only the die-hard sneaker lovers were brave enough to step into their sneakers. Let's hope that they don’t make their way into 2018. Unless it’s in a dust bin heading to the trash heap. 

Crocs will always remain on my fugly shoes list. (Pic: Instagram)

Crocs: I almost fell off my chair when I saw Balenciaga debut a Croc shoe during Paris Fashion Week. I don’t care if it has a platform and covered in pretty flowers and jewel, Crocs will always remain on my fugly shoes list. 

Either you wear a corset or a belt but please don't wear these in 2017. (Pic: Instagram)

Corset belts: I don’t understand this trend. Either you wear a corset or you wear a belt. Can we not confuse the two. Ladies have been wearing them over just about everything. Dresses, shirts, tshirts! Sadly these have managed to work their way into shirt or dress designs which means you are stuck with them.

The moonbag should have stayed in the 80's. (Pic: Instagram)

Fanny pack/moonbag: The moonbag made a huge comeback this year. They used to be reserved for tourists and grannies but the young ones embraced them in 2017. Wearing them as a crossbody bag rather than a crotch cover up. We loved them in 2017 but that’s where they can stay.

Only Riri gets to wear tiny sunglasses. (Pic: Instagram)

Tiny sunglasses: When Rihanna wore them on the 2017 Cannes Film Festival red carpet they were kinda cool. Then again Rihanna can make anything look cool. But there’s only one Rihanna. So can the rest of the fashionistas please let it go. 

Sweaty feet in transparent plastic shoes are pretty gross. (Pic: Instagram)

Transparent plastic shoes: Plastic shoes always remind me of stripper shoes. Or those tiny shoes you find on a Barbie doll. Just because Kim Kardashian loves AND rocks them, it doesn’t mean they work for everyone. Unless you have really cold feet that don’t sweat, you need to stay away from these. A bit gross when you see the sweat droplets on the inside of those shoes. Eeuw!

Fluffy sliders are no longer cute. (Pic: Instagram)

Furry sliders: Fenty Puma introduced the furry sliders in 2016. Since then fury slider knock offs have popped up everywhere. I reckon it’s time to let the furry ones go. Even Fenty Puma has moved on. Check out their University Suede Sliders for inspiration.