Beyonce in Mmuso Maxwell. Picture: Instagram.
It’s been five days since Beyonce performed in South Africa at the Global Citizens Festival but it feels like yesterday.

Beyonce is one of the most loved artists in the world and the Beyhive in SA showed her nothing but love. They can’t stop raving about her, and the fact that she wore local designs won her extra fans. 

The respect she has for her fans is one of the reasons Beyhive always has her back and the support she showed to local designers by wearing their garments shall not be forgotten.

Rich Mnisi

Rich Mnisi is one of the designers who respect their craft and Bey looked super cute in a Rich Mnisi custom Rhundzu Blouse and crocodile half-pleat skirt. 

Quiteria & George

Mrs Carter clo sed the show in a green Quiteria & George number, leaving a powerful statement because she could've worn it before  Versace and Balmain but hey, she just had to save the best for last. 

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We @quiteria_george don’t even know where to start but we couldn’t have been more happier to have had this opportunity working with @beyonce team in creating some of the looks. Thank you so much for choosing us We truly are grateful for the opportunity going forward. We would also like to acknowledge and thank @enhlembali_ of Manuallrossa for the contribution she played ensuring that we had everything needed to execute this much biggest project. We knocked at so many doors closed doors for financial assistance which We truly needed to execute but @enhlembali_ And her husband @realblackcoffee believed in us and our ability. Thank you 🙏 and May you continue to support black young talents out here The 45 PIECES we made for the show couldn’t be in all the shows but we very much executed for every part or the world to experience a piece of Quiteria and George .More so we cannot wait to travel this journey of absolute beauty with @beyonce 🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️ @anitaferreiradesigns girl the world is not ready for your other pieces you created which they haven’t seen as yet but let them wait. @jerrysfabrics thank you for believing in South Africa young designers and for always be willing to give without expectations. May you and your team be blessed blessed beyond 🙏🙏🙏👍🏾👍🏾 It would such a crime if we forgot to Mention the IRON lady as we call her 😂😂😂 the only person so far that has an ability like no other MRS CECILIA for @studio05fashion for spending all those sleepless night produce those patterns for us. There’s more costumes that people haven’t seen on the show but they still have that opportunity to witness your talent too. We couldn’t have been more blessed to have @studio05fashion look after our technic and design esthetic to ensure we start above the rest. Last but not least @lejenke for always believing in higher us. For discovering us and mentoring us to the LIONS 🦁 we are. Your patience sometimes surprises us. You over work us but with the intent to get us going and be better at what we do. You are LEGENDARY @lejenke WE LOVE ❤️ YOU and the whole team 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Mmuso Maxwell

Before her show Bey wore a green and blue Musso Maxwell blazer with matching Scotch shorts. An SS 16 collection which is relevant till today because fashion trends never die, they evolve.