Gina Jeanz loves the 70’s inspired Ray-Ban Nina. (Supplied)

Since sunglasses first rose to mainstream ‘fame’ around the 60s, every decade has had its signature style.

And the good news is that this year you’ll be able to find an updated version of your favourite decade’s classic sunny trends as many of the styles have made a fashionable comeback, fueled by influencers like Moozlie and Gina Jeanz.

“While Prada is very much the ‘look’ for right now, its retro sunglass designs reference the resurgence of some of the iconic frames we’ve seen over the last 50 years and more. From popular geometric Persols to the meteoric rise of the Ray-Ban in the 60s, the best styles are back and they’re all available via Sunglass Hut’s recently launched House of Sun trends hub” says Earl Kopeledi, Marketing Manager for Sunglass Hut SA. 

Kopeledi outlines the iconic styles making a comeback from every decade: 


The sunnies: Ray-Ban Meteor

The influencer who loves them: Jody Abel, guitar player and beat-boxer for Acoustic Element.

Jody Abel wearing the 60s inspired Ray-Ban Meteor.

Sixties summer style is firmly back in vogue, with the Wayfarer having a serious ‘moment’ locally and overseas. Think square frames with a gradient lens – best paired with a cocktail and fun ‘floatie’ for the pool.


The sunnies: Ray-Ban Nina

The influencer who loves them: Creative powerhouse and music producer Gina Jeanz.

Music producer Gina Jeanz loves the 70s inspired Ray-Ban Nina.

The ‘Ninas’ were beloved in the 60s and throughout the 70s as the pinnacle of the saucy cat-eye. The style remains irresistible to those looking to make a statement through a playful nod to a decade synonymous with Saturday Night Fever and feminism.


The sunnies: Persol

The influencer who loves them: Callen Petersen, the other half of dynamic music duo, Acoustic Element.

Callen Petersen from Acoustic Element wearing a pair of Persol.

The decade that blessed us with Pac-Man, shoulder pads, perms and jelly shoes also gifted us with big, bold, acetate eyewear. Known as the birthing period of the ‘more is more’ philosophy, the 80s were all about ‘oversized everything’. And today, an 80s icon plays a starring role in the new Persol collection, derived from the famed Italian brand’s archives. Think two-tone and streaked Havana shades, popping in pastel tones.


The sunnies: Versace

The influencer who loves them: Rapper and TV presenter Moozlie.

Rapper and TV presenter Moozlie loves these Versace sunnies.

The 90s have made a major comeback – and with good reason. Billed the ‘Attitude Era’, this decade brought us frosted hair tips, boy bands, Titanic, Tamagotchis, ‘The Rachel’, Pokémon and micro-shades. And just like dungarees are back, so are sleek, narrow frames that marry nostalgia with a futuristic feel. The Clans of Versace are championing this style through their 2018 collection that embodies all the boundary-breaking force of the 90s.


The sunnies: Prada

The influencer who loves them: Blogger and style icon Anelisa Mangcu.

Blogger and style icon Anelisa Mangcu wearing Prada.

Defined by hipster fashion, athleisure, metallics, unisex- and normcore styles, sharp profiles and geometric shapes, the now is very much about the individual. Blurring trends and championing personal style, eyewear reflects the tension between nostalgia and a strong future-focus. Prada’s 2018 collection perfectly encapsulates this, with a minimalist aesthetic that brings back iconic shapes, merged with clean-cut lines and unique finishes. 

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