Gigi Hadid for Vogue eye-wear. Picture: Supplied.
Vogue eyewear announced their second special collection with international  supermodel, Gigi Hadid. 
Set against the backdrop of a sublime sea-view pool and the stunning beaches of Ibiza,  Hadid showcases her style resolutions for 2018 in an uber-glamorous new campaign. 

Dedicated to the  second wave of her special collection for Vogue Eye-wear, a sultry, sun-kissed and playfully-adventurous Hadid
creates a real dialogue with contemporary women, inviting everyone to engage with a new concept of individual  beauty by asking: ‘My Vogue, what’s yours?‘.

Channeling her irresistible personality and one-of-a-kind beauty through the exclusive styles of the self-designed  capsule – featuring signature Gigi Hadid special collection temples and dedicated packaging – Hadid challenges  the idea of trademark style with unexpected contrasts.

Vogue Eye-wear. Picture: Supplied. 

Seven exclusive new styles frame the many moods of beauty with retro-chic sun shapes flashing super-fine  golden metal profiles and glowing heritage tones with sparkling Swarovski crystals. 

Whether living in a  sun-drenched beach town or simply needing to step up the street-smart profile of city life, Gigi Hadid and  Vogue Eyewear know exactly what it takes to let the look do all the talking.

#ShowYourVogue. Picture: Supplied. 

Dare to reveal your passion for iconic rock-chic or ultra-feminine shapes, just wear your personality with