File Photo: Britain's Queen Elizabeth II holds flowers as she meets school children on the Queensferry Crossing in Scotland Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA via AP

Giorgio Armani would love the chance to modernise Queen Elizabeth's outfits to bring her "closer to the younger generations".

The 83-year-old fashion designer thinks the British monarch is really elegant but would love to update her wardrobe to bring her "closer to the younger generations".

He said: "She is an incredible woman, very elegant, but the times now, they are a little different ... maybe it's time to come closer to the younger generations, that would be a courageous thing to do."

Asked how he'd update her style, he added: "The colours, she's tried every possible colour, so maybe I would suggest to select just a couple of those ... in fact, I was probably inspired by the Queen. When you see my collection, it's so many colours, the Queen's colours!"

And Armani thinks Duchess Catherine - who is expecting her third child with her husband Prince William - "dresses very well".

He added: "Kate is very modern, she dresses very well already."

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The fashion legend also admits it is "unfortunate" how dressing celebrities has changed as they are after something simpler compared to couture, when he can create "something spectacular".

He shared: "But it's unfortunate how the business of dressing celebrities has become because I do a huge job when I create the couture, something spectacular, but at the end the requests come in and the celebrities always want something simple, so I can't make as much of an impact as I'd like to."

The Italian fashion designer credits his long-standing success to "obsession and perfection".

Asked why he thinks he's still so successful after so many years, he told Grazia magazine: "Because I do not design just for magazine covers and because it's simple and simply because it's comfortable ... comfort immediately translates into success ... [It's] commitment and determination. To my obsession with perfection and, of course, a dose of good luck."