Louis Vuitton's cat-themed collection. (Picture: Instagram)

The fashion world has always been notoriously catty – and now it’s getting more feline than ever!

Haute couture labels have gone mad for moggie motifs, with labels such as Balenciaga, Gucci and Louis Vuitton unveiling cat-themed lines. But you’ll need plenty of cash in the kitty with eye-watering prices such as £420 for a Gucci T-shirt.

However, the styles are spreading to the high street, too, according to Hollywood fashion stylist Philip Bloch.

‘In gloomy times everyone wants fashion to be fun,’ he said.


‘And what’s cuter than a kitten? We’ve had fads before – unicorns and before that flamingos. Now there’s a huge appetite for cats and fashion houses want to make money. That’s the bottom line.’

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