Hermès bag made of cabbage. Picture: Instagram/@hermes
Hermès bag made of cabbage. Picture: Instagram/@hermes

Hermès unveils bags made of food. Would you buy one?

By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article published Jun 8, 2021

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Would you buy a handbag made of food?

Since the pandemic, many fashion brands have decided to focus on sustainable fashion. However, we were shocked when Hermès unveiled a series of Birkin bags made of real vegetables and fruits.

Taking to Instagram, the French manufacturer shared with its 10.7 million followers pictures of the new bags designed by Ben Denzer, a certified visual artist and designer.

Some of the bags were made from asparagus, cabbage, cucumber, bananas and apples.

Hermès is known for its expensive bags, and we wouldn’t be shocked if people spent so much money buying vegetable bags. What we’re not sure of is whether they’re meant for eating because we doubt they are capable of holding any luggage.

In July 2020, Business Insider reported that the most expensive handbag is a Birkin, which ranges from $9 000 (R122 249) to half a million US dollars (R6 788 300).

A white Himalaya by Hermès, known as the holy grail of handbags, features 18 karats white gold hardware and over 200 diamonds, which goes down as the world’s most expensive bag. It was sold to professional sports betting consultant David Oancea for over $500-million (R6,825,938)

Hermès bags are popular among celebrities like Cardi B, Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie Harvey, and English fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

However, the person who is reported to have the largest Birkin bag collection in the world with over 200 bags is a Singapore entrepreneur, Jamie Chua.

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