There are many South Africans who are crazy for shoes and will spend thousands of rands to get their hands on the latest Christian Louboutins. Uyanda Mbuli and Bonang Matheba have amazing Louboutin and Jimmy Choo collections. It appears as if these iconic shoe brands are as big in South Africa as they are in the rest of the world.

Uyanda Mbuli, socialite and businesswoman

For me it’s not about the price, but about appreciating the art and the work that goes into making the shoe. And the quality. I need to be comfortable in my shoe. I’m a huge fan of Jimmy Choo, Roberto Cavalli and Manolo Blahnik, but for me Louboutin takes the cake. No shoe is better than the red soles and I have a collection of them now. I love shoes. I even buy two of the same shoe because I know that five years down the line they’ll no longer be available. My favourite pair of heels are my Christian Louboutin Daffodils – I love them.

Bonang Matheba, TV presenter and radio DJ

I love shoes and I have a separate closet just for them. I’ve spent about R9 000 on a pair of GianMarco Lorenzis, and I bought a pair of Jimmy Choos at a truck sale for about R5 000. I bought my Christian Louboutins for R6 000, and my most expensive pair of shoes – and one of my favourites – are my Giuseppe Zanottis, which I got for about R11 000.

Anthony Stonier, actor

When it comes to killer heels for panto dames, the movie Kinky Boots provides a clue. Designed specifically for glamour and for men to wear, ordering online is worth every dollar spent. I spent about $75 (R600) on thigh-high boots I used in Peter Pan.

Jolene Marriah, journalist

I love shoes so much that I have a separate wardrobe just for them. I’d do anything to get myself a pair of Louboutins, Jimmy Choos and some Manolo Blahniks. The most I’ve splurged on a pair of shoes is my R1 200 pair of heels I got from Aldo. They are my favourite pair of heels.

Asanda Sizani, Elle fashion editor

I have Dodici and my baroque-inspired glittery pair of Buffalo London shoes. They are a piece of art that brings magic to everything I wear them with. Those are my most expensive. I purchase most of my shoes from Aldo – good-quality shoes. The most I’ve paid for a pair of shoes was R2 800. I do dream of owning an Alexander McQueen shoe. - Sunday Tribune