Clutch bags and turbans are some of the hottest trends this winter. Picture: Supplied.

Over the weekend, HSE of Bespoke launched the Autumn/Winter collection.

Different designers such as Humane, One of Each, Rogero, Human Image, Fluidity, Khalees and Zamaan were all in the house to launch.

A variety of garments are on this winter, ranging from African printed clutch bags, kimonos, turbans and cape coats just to name a few.

Here are some of the hottest trends that in for this winter:

Clutch bags

Clutch bags will never be out of style. They are for every season and will forever give you an elegant look.

Clutch bags by One Of Each. Picture: Thobile Mazibuko.


A scarf is a must own in winter. Either you put it on your head or around the neck, whatever way that works for you.

Ammaarah Mohamed and Tahera Mangera wearing scarfs by Khalees. Picture: Thobile Mazibuko. 


Kimonos are the in thing now. They are not heavy, matches with anything underneath and gives you a very stylish and classy look.

Salma Wadee in a Kimono by Zamaan. Picture: Trish Jivan.

Cape coats

They match beautifully with clutch bags. You don't even have to accessories them, they are already fabulous on their own.

Waseefa Hutton in a a cape coat she designed herself: Picture: Thobile Mazibuko.


Turbans are a must! There's no time to be busy wrapping the doek around, just slip a turban on your head and go.

Salma Wadee in a turban by Zamaan. Picture: Trish Jivan.