Some have suggested the bottle compartment could also be used for a yoga mat.

London - The traditional handbag can accommodate a women’s essentials from her make-up to her cellphone.

But one Swiss creator decided that this was simply not enough for women who were leading an increasingly hectic lifestyle.

So she took it upon herself to redesign the traditional handbag and make it fit for the modern woman – and it even comes complete with a special compartment for a bottle of wine.

Swiss creator Claudia Eicke said she had the idea while thinking of a bag that would hold all the items needed for a whole day. And with women whose lifestyle is a constant race against the clock, she needed to invent a bag that would be suitable for work as well as shopping trips and parties.

The end result, called the Envoyage Taschen Weekender, solves the problem with a special tunnel compartment at the base.

The useful space is just the right size for a standard-size bottle of wine, as well as a pair of high heels, perfect for that mad dash to an event after work.

Eicke said: “The idea was based on the things women do in the day – working, shopping and going to a party. The bag needed to hold all the items she needed for the whole day.”

The designer has created the bag with numerous useful compartments so that a women can take all the things with her without the need for a second bag.

The bag is so versatile that the owner will not have to return home for a stressful outfit change or to pick up shoes before dashing off to a party.

Eicke added: “It was quite difficult to come up with the final design. We made 10 prototypes before we had the perfect result. It took several days.”

The hard work certainly paid off, with the team noting positive feedback.

“We have had very good reactions to the bag. People like the tunnel idea and they bring their own ideas too. Some suggested putting a yoga mat in the space,” she said,

The bag measures 34cm by 27cm and is made of French goat leather. It is on sale online for £863 (about R11 000) and can be ordered through the Envoyage website, – Daily Mail