If shes a seductress, opt for a more sultry look in classic black - without the wings worn by this Victoria's Secret model.

London - Lingerie has always been a popular Christmas gift for a man to give his girlfriend or wife. But that doesn’t mean he ever gets it right.

Many “lingerie let-downs” lie gathering dust under beds and in the bottom of drawers thanks to bad choices made by men when it comes to purchasing underwear gifts for the women in their lives.

A study has revealed that two-thirds of women have received lingerie as a present from their partner, yet one in five women have never worn the gift, and 23 percent said they’d worn it only once.

The study also showed that older doesn’t necessarily mean wiser when it comes to lingerie – 40 percent of women aged 45 to 54 have never worn their gift of lingerie, double the average.

The poll of 1 600 women also found that the underwear women most dread receiving are crotchless panties, followed by leather lingerie and edible smalls.

When buying, men should ask themselves, is my partner a trendsetter or a classic dresser? What’s her type – wild and dominating or demure and dainty?

There is a very fine line between sexy and sordid, so choose carefully when buying lingerie for a partner.

If you don’t, your gift will end up gathering dust in a drawer, never to be worn, and she will end up wondering whether you are dissatisfied with your sex life. Why else would you want to dress her up like a porn star?


1 Know her size

Check her underwear drawer to get the right sizes. It’s sneaky but works wonders. Look at the labels to find out what bra size and panty size she wears. If that’s not possible and she has protected all her clothing with deadlocks, choose a beautiful silk robe.

2 Be taste sensitive

This will bring you serious brownie points. What style of underwear does she normally wear?

Does she like little thongs, short style knickers or a classic lace panties? If she’s not a fan of red suspenders, don’t try to tempt her out of her comfort zone.

If she is feminine, go for a stunning nude or pale lingerie set and show her you pay attention. If she’s a seductress, opt for a more sultry look in classic black.

3 Make it special

Designer lingerie is a treat. Men either veer towards safe options or opt for ill-fitting and (usually) unwanted crotchless panties.

Most women enjoy receiving beautiful underwear they wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves. Be bold, go for something versatile and different. Try a flowing yet sexy negligee (often referred to as a babydoll dress) paired with a minimal thong for a luxuriously sensual look, for example. If you’re stuck, buy her something bold and edgy as well as something classic and feminine and cover both looks.

4 Stay on trend

Vintage is classic, yet sexy. Go for a vintage-inspired look with high waisted knickers or corset-style bra to accentuate your lover’s assets.

Some labels are fashion-inspired and you’ll demonstrate some serious style knowledge if you manage to channel this season’s key trends into her designer lingerie collection.

5 Be practical

Ask for help. Most retailers enjoy helping out their male customers so don’t feel embarrassed: they are there to help you pick the perfect gift. And don’t forget to opt for the gift wrapping… stunning packaging is essential and you won’t have the chore of making it look beautiful either. – Daily Mail


1. Crotchless knickers – 58%

2. Leather PVC knickers – 58%

3. Edible underwear – 44%

4. Fishnets – 42%