It's always best to stick to neutral colours when going for an interview. Picture: Pexels.
Dressing up for an interview can be a daunting task considering that you to impress. You have to look your best without trying too hard and  here’s how you can achieve the look. 

Less is more

Keep in mind that an interview is not a fashion show unless you’re auditioning for a specific role. So, keep it simple yet elegant. 

Keep your hair neat

They say beauty starts from the head therefore if your hair is messed up, no one will take you seriously. If you have long hair, a ponytail is a winner. If it is short, make sure it's well trimmed. 

Stay away from bright colours

The main purpose of the interview is to get to you know you better and see if you’re fit for the position, not check how colourful you can be. Therefore, wear neutral colours. 

Don’t wear too much makeup or perfume

Don’t turn your face into a colouring scribbler by wearing too much makeup. Keep it as natural as possible. For gents, a perfume is what makes you stand out but don't wear too much of it. 

Wear comfortable shoes

Formal shoes shouldn’t be at the expense of your comfortability. Stay away from shoes that will make you walk in a funny way. Ladies, there's no need to wear 6 inches of stilettos. Kitten heels are also cute unless stated otherwise. 

No chipped nails

Keep your nails short and neat. If you’re wearing colour, go for natural. Chipped nail polish is a big NO!

Don’t forget to wear a smile and all the best.