You'll want to make a good first impression. Picture: Pexels
You'll want to make a good first impression. Picture: Pexels

How to nail your first date look

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Oct 22, 2019

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Are you single, ready to date but been out of the dating scene for a while? Getting back into the game can be terrifying.

Seasoned daters will tell you that it’s “really not that hard.”

That like riding a bike, you never forget how. But it’s the getting back on the bike that’s the hard part. 

Meeting new people can be daunting. Meeting a potential partner is downright petrifying. 

Whether it’s through friends, family or dating sites, finding someone to go on that first date with is a lengthy process in itself.

Then you find something and a date is set. 

What’s next?

First on the to-do list is the dreaded date night outfit. 

What will you wear? 

On your first encounter, you want to make a good first impression.

I asked relationship coach Kas Naidoo for advice on what to consider when putting together a first date outfit. 

“I believe that what you look like on the outside is equally important to who you are on the inside. If you focus on one and disregard the other, you create an imbalance or a feeling of incompleteness” says Naidoo.

She continues to say “A first date outfit should reflect your personality and usual dress sense. 

"If you’re not used to wearing stilettos or a low cut dress, then wearing that on a date will have you feeling very uncomfortable and self-conscious. The conversation is unlikely to flow when you’re feeling uncomfortable. 

"Dress with style and comfort so that you can focus on finding out who this brand new person in front of you is.”

Be comfortable in the outfit you choose to wear. Picture: Pixabay

“It’s also important to decide what outcome you are looking for from the date. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, then your dressing needs to reflect the authentic ‘you’. If your clothes are overly revealing; your date may mistake you for a fun one night stand and not someone he wants to spend his life with.”

She has the following advice for the guys: “Gentleman, make the effort. If you show up in shorts and slops; you’re hardly likely going to make a good impression. She’s thinking that she could never introduce you to her family or work colleagues at some point in the future.”

Here are a few outfit ideas and where to shop the look: 

Daytime date

Whether it’s a breakfast, a quick coffee or lunch, this is not the time to bring out your sequence and stilettos. Try to keep your look comfortable, classic and playful (if that’s in your nature).

Feminine dresses and pretty sandals or casual denim (not the bleached and ripped ones) with a interesting top (dramatic sleeves or neckline) or a lightweight shirt. 

Floral fit and flare dress, Mr Price
Romantic frills, Zara

Bear in mind that a daytime date can lead to walks in the park or a stroll on the beach. 

Floral Maxi Dress, Woolworths

Be comfortable and prepared for anything. 

Sundowners and dinner date

Sundowners can most likely lead to dinner. So stay clear from wearing an outfit you might not feel comfortable in if you end up moving to another place. 

Do research on where you will meeting for dinner. This will give you a good idea of the type of look you should go for. If it’s a formal, fine dining establishment it goes without saying that you wear something dressy - but stay away from red carpet glam.

Short dress with an asymmetric neckline, Zara

For the more casual, but not quite a pub, keep your look smart casual. When it comes to pubs and grills, opt for a laid back look.

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