Online shopping can turn into a nightmare if you don’t know how to do it right. (Pic: Pixel Stock)

Click, click, click and your parcel is on its way. Online shopping has opened doors to most of our favourite local and international fashion brands without leaving the comfort of your home. 

No more long queues or having to deal with crowded shopping malls. No need to worry about shopping hours or those dreaded fitting rooms.
Online shopping is a fashionista’s dream come true but it can turn into a nightmare if you don’t know how to do it right. 
Especially when your item arrives and it doesn’t fit or the colour isn’t what you expected and you’re now stuck with an item that you cannot return. Fashion Director Kelly Fung shares her top tips to help you get the most out of your online shopping experience. 

Have a shopping strategy: Create an inspirational vision board full of your top outfits for next season. Think what cuts and colours work best on your bod and fashion your dream wardrobe around your unique style. By planning ahead, you’ll know what you need, so won’t end up with myriad extra items. 

Set up alerts for your most wanted items: If there’s a particular pair of sneakers you’ve been eyeing for weeks but there’s never your size in store, you might want to consider setting an alert to be the first to know when your beloved kicks get restocked. Add them to your wishlist, set up an alert, and then hop online quickly when that notice appears.  

Create a wishlist: Create a wishlist of all the items your heart desires. Add to this every time you see something special, and then, when the time is right or the price of a wishlist item gets marked down, hop online and press ‘check out.’  

Knowing the SA, USA and EU versions of your sizes is important. (Pic: Pexel Stock)

Suss out your size in every country: Knowing the SA, USA and EU versions of your sizes is especially important if you are shopping on international sites. Most websites have a sizing guide which is a great way to minimise the chances of that disappointing moment when you unbox your ultimate party frock and it doesn’t fit. 

Buy, try and return what doesn’t work: One of the key concerns people have about shopping online is they’ll end up with the wrong size item or one that just doesn’t match their existing wardrobe. At Superbalist, we recommend buying a selection of items, trying them on in the comfort of your home. If there are a pieces that don’t work simply return or exchange them! 

Check if and how you can give it back: Before making a purchase, it is important to familiarise yourself with the site’s return and exchange policy. There are usually a number of options – you can exchange or replace the product, credit your account or get a refund.

Delivery fee: Most online retailers only charge delivery for small orders so rather buy a few things at once instead of making multiple mini orders - or go in with a friend, colleague or family member. There are also a number of delivery solutions, including the option of collecting from our warehouse. Also look out for retailers with more than one payment option – a credit card is not always needed. On you can choose to pay cash or even use those eBucks you’ve been earning all year.

Make sure your payment details and delivery address are 100% correct. (Pic: Pexel Stock)

Get your admin in order: We all hate admin, but it’s vital to make sure your payment details and delivery address are 100% correct. If you’re shopping online, you won’t want to be messing around updating delivery or payment details as everyone around you is checking out what should have been your goods.