Beyonce knows all the tricks to get the perfect shot. (Picture: Instagram)
We all have that friend who will post the most unflattering picture of you and have the nerve to tag you on it! 

That would be the friend who looks great in the shot regardless of how the rest of her friends look.

Then there’s the friend who’s clueless about how to take a decent picture, leaving you looking like you have huge shoulders, short legs and small feet. Or even worse, a double chin. The horror!

All hope for the perfect, Instagram-ready post isn’t lost. Here are a few tips on how to smile, sit and angle to get those 100 likes.

Sure you can say “cheeeeese” or “sexy” when putting on that big smile. But those tend to look really fake and forced. Next time try saying “Thursday” instead. It makes your face look more relaxed. When the lips are slightly parted, it creates more of a sultry look rather than a super-grin.

Here’s another trick to get that perfect smile. Place your tongue behind your teeth when smiling will help you avoid a too-wide grin.

Ashley Graham's natural smile. (Picture: Instagram)

Get your photographer or friends to get you to laugh. A laughing face is more natural than a forced smile.

Another factor to bear in mind when trying to create a more natural image is to actually relax. If you feel tense and self-conscious when a picture is taken, it shows. Take time to ease into a pose. Relax your shoulders. Calm your breathing. Close your eyes. Then open them and smile naturally.

Try to angle your head or tilt it slightly. The last thing you want is for your picture to look like a mugshot. Turning your head slightly is more flattering than facing the camera straight on because it will give your features more depth.

Kylie Jenner knows to tilt her head. (Picture: Instagram)

Never take a picture from below. Most people know this but there’s always that one person who will sneak in a shot from that most unflattering angle. If you’re doing a sitting pose, ask the photographer to snap the picture from above. Tilt your face up to the camera. Goodbye double chin. Hello defined jaws.

Bella Hadid's good, left, side. (Picture: Instagram)

It’s a night out with the girls. Your outfit is banging. Of course, a “look of the day” picture is needed. You’ve got the outfit, the pose and the big natural smile but you didn’t factor in the dreaded flash and the even more dreaded red eyes. So there you are dressed to the nine with demon eyes.

Kim Kardashian knows how to vanquish those demon eyes. (Picture: Instagram)

Fix this by looking at a light right before a photo is taken. It will shrink your pupils, which helps minimise the demon eye.