A beanie is a must-have accessory but can look dorky if not worn correctly. Picture: Instagram/trappfotos/apbeezy

A beanie is a must-have accessory during the icy winter months. How else are you going to keep your head and ears warm?

The only challenge I have with a beanie is that I have no idea how to wear it without looking dorky. 

I know that it’s simply a practical item to keep your head warm but, like most ladies, I would like for it to look cool and stylish as well.

I’m not sure if it’s just the shape of my head or not having found the correct beanie but it’s been a real struggle.

Having really short hair has forced me to seriously look into buying a beanie. Even though my hair is short, I still worry about hat hair. Will I have to wear the beanie all day? On the flip side it can be a great “bad hair day” cover-up.

So I turned to Instagram for inspiration and to check out how celebs rock their beanies. 

Kylie Jenner Picture: Instagram
Hailey Bieber Picture: Instagram
Rita Ora Picture: Instagram
Adwoa Aboah Picture: Instagram
Joan Smalls Picture: Instagram