Sergio and his girlfriend Elzaan in Istanbul. Picture: Instagram.
Sergio Ines of What My Boyfriend Wore  and  his girlfriend, Elzaan recently explored the magical streets of Istanbul. 

During their visit to Turkey, the couple captured every moment-from the most stylish outfits they donned to some of the delicate food they ate. 

Ines is a popular influencer in the fashion industry. He is one of the top South African male bloggers to conquer an industry primarily dominated by women.

WATCH:  Sergio Ines takes on Turkey

What My Boyfriend Wore is a men' s fashion diary  where you find  what and how of men' s style as well as the fun finds of travelling with a  gentleman across the world. 

Ines believes in helping every man find  his own personal sense of style. He is a trailblazer for men who are interested in  fashion but don’t know what to do, serving as an inspiration to men who want to  embrace fashion as much as many women do.