Lip liner from Floss Gloss. Picture: Instagram

Instagram is a great source of inspiration when it comes to beauty and very often a place where some of the best trends start but we know there is some information on the internet that should be taken very, very lightly. 

We're all about a new and easy beauty solutions  but this some of the stuff we see on the social network leave one with much wonder. Sometimes, what looks great in pictures is actually terrible for your health and some of the Instagram beauty trends do exactly that

We have summed up some of the beauty trends that should definitely be left on Instagram:
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Nail polish as lip liner 

While applying nail polish as a lip liner may make for a visually appealing for posts but this is a definite health hazard and can lead to irritations and breakouts. 

Limes In place of deodorant 

The idea of rubbing a lime under your pits is zesty and earth-friendly, right? Limes can cause skin irritation and red, burning, scalding rashes. 

Deodorant to combat shine

Antiperspirants work by blocking your sweat glands from producing wetness, but they don't do anything for oil-producing cells, like pores on your face. Antiperspirant can congest pores and cause potential breakouts.  

Peel off charcoal masks 

Charcoal masks can make for an interesting video and to generate likes but they won’t rid your skin of blackheads altogether. These masks incidentally wax those tiny hairs off your face  

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Using tools like knives to contour

These is pretty evident why it’s not such a good idea and many social media beauty personalities contour this way for likes or just online trend but it very dangerous to contouring your face this way. 

Diaper-rash cream for breakouts

Diaper-rash cream can help soothe and calm inflamed skin it's not something you should be smearing all over your face. For already sensitive, acne-prone, and oily skin, a pore-plugging ingredient like zinc oxide can trigger further breakouts.