IOL Fashion digital magazine the Winter edition

IOL Fashion the Winter edition. Picture: Supplied

IOL Fashion the Winter edition. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 30, 2021


After what feels like an endless summer, winter is slowly creeping up on us.

While the dark icy mornings and longer nights might not be everyone’s cup of hot chocolate, it does make for fab fashion moments.

In this month’s IOL Fashion magazine, the “Winter Edition”, we embrace the cold and share fashion and beauty trends to get you through the dreaded chill in style.

The pandemic forced us to remain indoors reducing our 2020 winter wardrobe to PJs, gowns, slippers and tracksuits.

While Covid-19 continues to be a real part of our lives, we are leaving our homes more.

Returning to work, attending social gatherings and basically just trying to get back to “normality” while masked up and sanitised.

In 2021 fashion continues to be centred around one element – comfort.

Over the last year the lounge wear trend was the only fashion trend that mattered.

It remains a key wardrobe element this winter.

Matching sets are wardrobe essentials this season.

Worn with chunky boots or sexy heels, the basic lounge wear set can go from trendy casual during the day to an edgy look for a night with the girls.

As we step out this winter, let's continue to do so safely.

Keep all the sanitising essentials in the latest must-have carry-all bag.

But no matter what you wear, never forget the most important item – your mask.

It is, after all, a crime to leave home without it.

Read the IOL Fashion Magazine here.

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