This is a fun look I paired with heels to give it that extra edge. Photography: Glen Montgomery
This is a fun look I paired with heels to give it that extra edge. Photography: Glen Montgomery

IOL's fashion editor shares tips how to wear prints

By Nontando Mposo Time of article published Mar 6, 2018

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I love this printed sassy dress and the cheerful colour. Photography: Glen Montgomery
I collaborated with men's and women's fashion online shop Superbalist and styled three prints looks from their closet. I also share my fashion easthetic and why I love mix and matching prints. Here is a excerpt from our Q & A.  

What makes fashion your preferred medium of self-expression? I see fashion or style as a exterior version of your personality. What you wear tells a story of who you are and how you present yourself to the world.

How do you go about choosing which trends to adopt and still communicate who you are? I don’t follow  trends. I choose what to wear according to what is flattering to my body and what catches my eye.

As a maximalist, what makes “bigger (impact) better”, for you? Everyone is sure to look at me when I walk in a room. From big earrings to neck pieces, I love making a statement. I am quite an introvert and shy sometimes. I guess my style acts as an ice breaker.

Three golden rules for mixing prints…? There are no rules.

This look is perfect for the office. Photography: Glen Montgomery

Any style tips to avoid dressing according to the cliches?

* Do dress for yourself and use your clothing to tell a story about yourself.

* Do dress to compliment your body type or shape.

* Dont dress to fit in with the cool kids, there is only one you. Be different.

* Dont fall for overpriced clothing or brands because you want to keep up with what others are wearing. You don’t need to break the bank to look good and to feel good about yourself.

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