Irina Shayk says lingerie is her "second skin". (Pic: Instagram)

Irina Shayk says lingerie is her "second skin", and she has kept hold of the same bra she bought "10 years ago" because she can't bring herself to throw it out.

The 31-year-old model - who was announced as the face of the underwear brand Intimissimi in 2007 - has admitted she wears flattering undergarments to make herself feel good about her body and "comfortable", rather than to please her partner Bradley Cooper, with who she has six-month-old daughter Lea with. 

Irina is the face of the underwear brand Intimissimi. (Pic: Instagram)

Speaking to Us Weekly about her wardrobe choices, the brunette beauty said: "Don't wear it for a man. My lingerie is for me and I have to feel it like it's my second skin and have to be comfortable, so definitely wear it for yourself, and just love your body."

And the catwalk icon has revealed she doesn't like to spend "tonnes of money" on her underwear, and has even kept hold of bras she wore "10 years ago" because she just refuses to get rid of it. 

She said: "I am Russian, I don't like to spend tonnes of money for lingerie and I think you don't have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a bra. I'd rather buy five bras and spend the same amount of money for one bra.

"Intimissimi is known for very good quality. I still have my first bra that I got 10 years ago from them and still wearing it ... it's time to get rid of it, but I can't!"

Irina has admitted she has "these things coming out" over the top of the back of her bra strap, which she believes is due to her love of food, and she has advised people to wear garments that fit will and do not push you your chest "to your throat". 

She said: "Do you think when I close my bra, I don't have these things coming out a little bit on the sides? I do! I'm a human and I love to eat, so just pick the right size, feel comfortable and don't do too much push up. Don't push your boobs up to your throat."