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Thursday, May 26, 2022

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Just because it’s Gucci, doesn’t mean you should pay R3K for ripped pantyhose

Gucci ripped pantihose. Picture: Facebook

Gucci ripped pantihose. Picture: Facebook

Published Nov 11, 2021


Fashion is a form of expression much in the same as art is.

A work of art by a famous artist can sell for thousands of dollars and in a similar way, people will pay any amount of money for a fashion item from a famous designer.

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Designers and artists are fully aware of this so they can slap any price tag on their pieces and loyal followers will do anything to get their hands on them.

While art is subjective, one can understand why someone would have to spend a small fortune on a raw canvas covered with a few paint splashes; one can be far more objective about a fashion item you buy.

Is a bag made of the softest Nappa leather? Is the dress made of Mulberry silk? Is the embroidery hand-stitched? Is the craftsmanship extra-ordinary?

These are elements that can justify the expensive price tags on designer garments.

Sew on an established luxury brand label and it immediately doles out price.

However, there’s no justification for brands to simply emboss, sew on, embellish or embroider their logos on a simple garment like a white cotton t-shirt and expect their loyal customers to just hand over their cash for the sake of wearing a designer label.

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Of course, people can spend their money however they please, but does it mean brands can take advantage of customer loyalty?

In 2020 Italian Fashion House Gucci sold ripped black stockings for $190 (about R2 800).

Stockings that basically look like they’ve been dragged through broken glass, ladders running up and down the legs, even a few holes.

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The mere fact that these wrecked stockings were considered fashion items and up for sale was bad enough but the fact that they were actually sold out is what’s really concerning.

Why would anyone pay for ripped stockings when you can get them for free from the bottom of any woman’s sock drawer?

The item was described Gucci as ’’High-rise’’ and ’’distressed throughout’ with a “woven logo at elasticised waistband”.

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Ah yes, it has the glorified Gucci branding on the waistband that no one will see, which makes it so desirable.

Needless to say, this caused an outrage among the more sensible fashion folk.

Recently Facebook user Nicole Ashley revisited the issue by sharing images of the now sold-out designer distressed black stockings not just to point out the absurdity of the product but to motivate others who might be feeling undervalued.

Along with images of the pantyhose she posted, “In case you're doubting your value and talent today, just know that Gucci is out here selling ran through stockings… And they'’e sold out. Soooo, yeah. You’ve totally got this.”

While there were a few people who were appreciative of the motivation, most of the responses spoke to the outright ridiculousness of it all.

One person commented, “Between my daughters and myself, we are sitting on a gold mine lol”, while another said, “I have a pair of these in my drawer right now. Let me get on eBay”.

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