Lasizwe. Pictre: Instagram
Lasizwe. Pictre: Instagram

Lasizwe shuts down body-shamers after video of him wearing a thong goes viral

By Kedibone Modise Time of article published Jan 4, 2022

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Reality TV star and social media sensation Lasizwe Dambuza says he will not be bullied or subjected to body-shaming by trolls. The YouTuber got tongues wagging when a video of him donning a thong went viral this week.

Lasizwe topped the trend list on Monday after he shared a video of rocking a DJ Uncle Waffles-inspired outfit at the popular nightclub Konka on Sunday evening.

Taking to social media, Lasizwe acknowledged that his look was inspired by one of the most booked DJs in the country, who also made revealing underwear while spinning the decks sexy and trendy.

“Today I want to channel my inner Uncle Waffles @unclewaffles_, Call me Aunty Pancakes,” said Lasizwe while shopping for sexy underwear.

Lasizwe’s outfit received a mixed reaction on social media, with many criticising his body image, but the star didn’t waste any time and hit back at trolls.

Responding to the backlash he said: “So y’all are upset that I wore a Thong/G-String… yall are CRAZY!!! Kanti who’s body is it?”

“Some of y'all think y’all own my body…”

“Lasizwe wearing a Thong/G-String on HIS BODY and his happy!”

Not fazed by the negative comments, the star added: “I won’t be bullied this time around! My body! My rules! Twitter is quick to project their insecurities.”

This is not the first time that Lasizwe has been cyberbullied. In January last year, the star became the latest victim of body-shaming, resulting in him deactivating his Twitter account.

The “Fake it Till You Make It” star shared a snap of himself wearing only briefs and a T-shirt, with a cute caption that read: “To everyone with a small a**, don’t worry you are not alone. #SmallAssesMatter!”

“Tag someone with a small a** and tell them ’You Matter’.”

But trolls took swipes at the local star, making fun of his small bum.

Though body-shaming is associated with overweight people, there is a growing trend of skinny people also being targeted by trolls.

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