Lenny Filipova for Bata. Picture: Supplied.
Lenny Filipova for Bata. Picture: Supplied.

Lenny Filipova is the new face of Bata

By IOL SUPPLIED Time of article published May 3, 2018

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International shoe brand Bata introduced the new face for their brand – the popular Czech singer Lenny Filipova. The cooperation with the artist, whose star is rising across Europe, was officially announced during Bata Fashion Weekend in Italy on April 28.

Bata, which has long supported young developing artists, decided to reach out to Lenny for
cooperation. The song called “Enemy” tackles the same topics Bata deals with in its communications; like supporting female empowerment and diversity. For one year Filipova will perform at various Bata events and take an active part in the global campaign “Me & Comfortable With It.”

“Filipova is our perfect match. She’s a young, ambitious woman with a strong personality, who seamlessly fits our international message, ‘Me & Comfortable with It’; a campaign that urges people to embrace their own flaws, specifically in the realm of female empowerment. Moreover, she has an amazing voice and great songs. This is why we proudly chose her to be our international ambassador,” said Jana Barbati Chadova, Head of Global Marketing at Bata the Brand.

Lenny Filipova is the new face of Bata. Picture; Supplied. 

“Me & Comfortable With It.” was created last year as a campaign, which aims to reinforce healthy self-confidence and fight against prejudice. The main focus is on women, as it is crucial to remind them that every woman can be beautiful and comfortable with herself in everyday life and every situation.

“I am honoured to be a part of this project. Bata is a company with an unimaginable history – from a small Czech shoemaker to one of the greatest fashion brands in the world. I love the family approach as well as the vision of the company and its continuous tribute to craft. Female empowerment is the main message of this campaign and something I feel strongly about and hopefully I too can contribute with my own craft. 

"Music has the power to reach out to all parts of the world and our main focus is to tell women everywhere how important it is to be yourselves. Living life on your own terms, taking risks, making mistakes, getting up and starting all over again. No dream is too big. You are your only enemy, the only one holding you back,” added Filipova.

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