A model struts her stuff on the runway at the “Gigi’s Playhouse Fashion Show” in New York. (AP Photo/Gary Gerard Hamilton).

Fashion Week is all about high end fashion designers, luxury garments and long-legged models. 

As much as we love the vibe and checking out the trends from the top design houses, it all tends to be a bit superficial - clothes most of us can't afford worn by models whose slim bodies only a handful of women can relate to. 

If these are issues we struggle with, it's only understandable that those who live with any disability would not relate to the unrealistic standards at all.

So it's always refreshing to see models and clothes that's not only fashionable but all inclusive as well. 

During the last day of New York Fashion Week, Gigi’s Playhouse, a national education and achievement center, presented a fashion show that allowed young ones with Down syndrome to strut their stuff down the runway during Fashion Week. 

A teen keeps his cool. (AP Photo/Gary Gerard Hamilton)

From teens to toddlers, these exceptional models had a moment to shine. 

Wearing a peach outfit and tutu, an adorable toddler made her way down the runway with a little help from an adult. While another young teen wowed the crowd in a leopard print coat. Another model rocked the audience with a guitar wearing a leather jacket. 

“Gigi’s Playhouse Fashion Show” in New York. (AP Photo/Gary Gerard Hamilton)
A toddler gets a little help on the runway. (AP Photo/Gary Gerard Hamilton)
“Gigi’s Playhouse Fashion Show” in New York. (AP Photo/Gary Gerard Hamilton)

Gigi’s Playhouse is a national education and achievement centre that prepares young people (infants to teenagers) with Down syndrome to engage more fully in their homes, schools and communities.

We look forward to seeing more shows that represents and caters for a wider spectrum of fashion lovers.