LOOK: Kefilwe Mabote walks the Cannes Film Festival red carpet

Kefilwe Mabote. Picture: Instagram/@kefilwe_mabote.

Kefilwe Mabote. Picture: Instagram/@kefilwe_mabote.

Published May 27, 2022


From the dusty streets of Soweto to walking the red carpet in France, Kefilwe Mabote is going places.

The award-winning digital influencer is living the dream, travelling to exotic places that some can only dream of.

Her Instagram feed is full of holiday pictures, and we are so envious.

This May, she has been travelling a lot.

From Dubai, Sun City, Cape Town, and recently, Cannes in France.

While in South Africa, we’re bearing the winter cold, she’s enjoying the summertime in France, checking out new restaurants, and of course, luxurious hotels.

“Summertime in Cannes. So blessed to be able to pick and choose what season I want to experience… C’est la vie darling!” she says.

The highlight of her trip is the Cannes Film Festival, where she was one of the guests.

She walked the red carpet in a Gio black dress, earrings by Elegance Jewellers and completed the look with red lipstick.

Judging from the captions she wrote on Instagram, gracing the Cannes red carpet has been her dream, and she is grateful to be able to fulfil it.

“There are moments that simply take your breath away and leave you speechless.

“Not because you have nothing to say but because your heart is so full of gratitude.

“This is one of them,” she said.

Besides being an influencer, the author is also a residential developer of Feyth Properties, a company that she owns.