Maxhosa has collaborated with Bombay Sapphire for the #StirCreativity campaign. Picture: Supplied.
South African designer, Laduma Ngxokolo of Maxhosa has partnered with Bombay Sapphire gin for the #StirCreativity campaign where the designer interpreted the theme and applied Bombay Sapphire’s aesthetic to his designs. 

The MAXHOSA X Bombay Sapphire range. Picture: Supplied. 

The MAXHOSA X Bombay Sapphire range is a reflection of a collective spirit – signature traits of the gin were fused with MAXHOSA’s knits and patterns, creating a bespoke piece. The designer also used velvet to deliver Bombay Sapphire’s image as a 3-dimensional experience by creating a 3D effect, enhanced by the use of sapphire panels placed in a symmetrical fashion. 

Keeping warm with MAXHOSA X Bombay Sapphire. Picture: Supplied. 

“This stage of the #StirCreativity campaign was especially exciting for me, to be able to showcase how I interpreted the theme and applied Bombay Sapphire’s aesthetic to my own design.  This reflects the kind of work we’ve been doing with MAXHOSA clients lately on bespoke pieces – they come in, and we collaboratively select the colors and patterns. What comes out of that is pure magic!  During the process of designing the #StirCreativity dress, I realised how much common ground the MAXHOSA and Bombay Sapphire share – they use natural ingredients straight from the ground - their botanicals -  and we do the same in our use of natural resources,  wool, and mohair.   It certainly made the design process flow really naturally and organically, and I believe the garment reflects that beautifully,” said Laduma. 

The MAXHOSA X Bombay Sapphire garb. Picture: Supplied. 

The show took place in Johannesburg, where Ngxokolo has established MAXHOSA’s atelier in a building he co-owns with creatives Nelson Makamo and DJ Black Coffee. The space houses his factory, design and retail space from which the Maxhosa team operates.