LOOK: North West is a better dresser than you and here’s 5 looks to prove it

North West attends Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Picture: Instagram

North West attends Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Picture: Instagram

Published Jul 8, 2022


With Kanye West as a dad and Kim Kardashian is a mom, it’s no surprise that 9-year-old North West is already a style icon in the making.

If the looks she served us during Paris Haute Couture Week are anything to go by, it’s evident that the young fashionista will be a force to be reckoned with.

From the chunky black Balenciaga Crocs to her faux nose piercing, her recent looks have, for good reason, been the talking point over these past few days, as she donned one designer outfit after the next.

North has however showed us that she’s undoubtedly inherited her parents’ sense of style.

The combination of Kanye’s grunge and Kim’s glam is evident in her outfits.

Here are five Northie looks that will make you feel like you don’t know how to dress.

The silver sequin dress

Attending her dad’s “Saint Pablo” tour in 2016, she wore a custom Vetements silver sequin dress to match her mom.

With her short curly hair and classic black and white Van sneakers, she gave the glitzy dress a more casual vibe.

The double-breasted Balmain blazer

Little girls love ballet shoes and tutus but only baby Northie can pull it off with a Balmain blazer.

Just two years old at the time, she wore that iconic Balmain look better than most adults.

Uber sporty neons

When she was five she rocked a hot pink Adidas tracksuit short set with Yeezy sneakers that made even the coolest kid on the block want to change the way we looked at sportswear.

The Coachella look

For her first Coachella festival, she looked the festive-goer part in a neutral-toned set, sneakers and her hair in cornrows.

The orange Chinese collar dress

Not only was her dress bright orange but she pulled off an orange graphic eye-liner look to match!