The new Miller Design Lab range.
Miller Genuine Draft partners with Jeff Staple to curate the first collection from Miller Design Lab. 

Staple Design and Reed Space is a streetwear brand, creative consulting agency, innovative retail concept and art gallery. For this collection, Staple and the brand have picked four outstanding collaborators from different design disciplines to create an exclusive range of unisex jackets.

Each jacket is made with premium fabrics and finishes, with attention paid to every detail. 

Here are the designers involved in this project. 

Rich Mnisi

Rich Mnisi is a fashion designer whose inspiration comes from traditional African culture,contemporary film, music and art, combining all the elements in his work to create something completely unique.

Rich Mnisi. 

Mariano Antonio

A darling to the global music icons and sports stars, Mariano Antonio is a self-taught tattoo artist who began his career in New York and found himself back in the streets of Buenos Aires where he's quickly becoming one of the most famous tattoo studios in Argentina. 

Mariano Antonio. 

Elie Kimbembe

Representing Toronto, Kimbembe was one of the first to turn a passion for photography into a career through Instagram. The self-made photographer has captured stills for iconic artists during their tour, including The Weekend. 

Elie Kimbembe. 


Zmogk is a Russian visual artist who works in many mediums including oil paint and sculpture. To create his signature characters: the robots, Zmogk's style blends  classical geometric shapes, strong lines, and bold, rich colours.