LOOK: What’s in the box? Elsa Majimbo receives a gift from Beyoncé

Elsa Majimbo with the gift she received from Beyoncé. Picture: Instagram.

Elsa Majimbo with the gift she received from Beyoncé. Picture: Instagram.

Published Feb 23, 2021


Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo is winning at this life thing, and we’re happy for her.

The 19-year-old went from making skits to receiving letters from Rihanna, exchanging skincare routines with Naomi Campbell and recently, receiving gifts from Beyoncé.

Sharing with her 2.2 million followers on Instagram, Majimbo posted a video of herself unboxing the new Icy Park collection she received from Mrs Carter.

Icy Park is a new range of Adidas clothes in collaboration with Queen B’s clothing line, Ivy Park.

Ever since she rose to fame in 2020, when her videos started going viral during the lockdown, Majimbo has been presented with many opportunities and always grabs them with both hands.

One of her biggest career highlights was getting her first magazine cover on Teen Vogue. The star was dressed by Maison Valentino and our favourite look is the polka dots two-piece.

She also collaborated with the brand on an upcoming collection.

“It’s Elsa’s world, we’re just living in it. Valentino is proud to announce a special project with writer, actor and comedian Elsa Majimbo (@ElsaAngel19), culminating into a soon-to-be-released collaboration. Stay tuned to find out more. ElsaxValentino,” read a statement by Valentino.

Her fans and followers are inspired by her. Below are some of the best reactions.

“One thing I can take from this Elsa Majimbo story is that it really and truly can happen for any of us. Dreams that would otherwise seem impossible happening to a ‘regular’ girl, like any one of us, genuinely makes me happy. So congratulations to her,” commented Doreen Njoroge.

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