Nelson Mandela. Picture: Reuters.
The father of the nation, Nelson Mandela who passed away in 2013 at age 95, would have 100 years old this year. 

The struggle icon who was amongst those at the forefront in fighting against the apartheid regime is arguably one of the most loved people in the world. 

Madiba, as he was fondly known across the globe, was in his unique way a fashion icon, from his immaculate tailor-made suits to his own signature silky pattern shirts, popularly referred to as ‘Madiba shirts’.

As the world celebrates this icon’s centenary, we take a look at some of Madiba’s styles which have made it into today's fashion trends. 

Horizontal line haircut

During his boxing days in the 1940’s, Mandela had his own style of cutting a horizontal line on his hair. This is one trend which has grown tremendously, especially amongst women. 

Our local celebrities, the likes of Masechaba Ndlovu and Nandi Madida are some of the powerful women who know how to slay the Madiba cut and to add some flavour to it, they've incorporated other style designs. 

Masechaba Nldovu rocking the Madiba cut. Picture: Instagram. 

Silky pattern shirts

Mandela wasn't really your suit and tie type of man, unless necessary of course. His style of preference was rather a silky shirt full of patterns. And to make it even more stylish, he always made sure it was full buttoned.

The youth of today, Material Don Dada, for example, has that bit of taste of wearing pattern shirts and to bring more flair to it, he puts on some accessories. 

Nelson Mandela in a leopard print shirt. Picture: Reuters. 

Traditional amaXhosa regalia

As a proud Xhosa man, Mandela would don his Xhosa regalia every now and then. Unlike in the olden days, where it was usually worn on specific special occasions, the  Xhosa attire has now transitioned from just being a traditional wear to a fashion statement number. 

Designer, Laduma Ngxokolo has mastered the art of turning Xhosa traditional wear into runway fashion statements. 

Xhosa inspired opulent garment by Maxhosa. Picture: SDR. 

The dapper gentleman 

Madiba's tailored suits were immaculate.  Tailor-made slim suits are very trendy right now even more so with millennials who pair them with sneakers and still look dapper or with formal shoes, depending on the occasion.

Nelson Mandela looking dapper in a suit. Picture: Reuters. 

Statement Hats

Madiba was a true fashionista, in winter he was often seen rocking top coat, leather gloves and some fur faux hat, something which still stands as a top trend in today's fashion. 

All black: Looking stylish in a faux fur hat. leather gloves and top coat.