Sales assistant Neetha Singh with the colourful patiala punjabi.
Matching outfits are the new fashion trend, according to experts and this goes for Diwali, too.

“Moms wearing matching outfits with their daughters, and dads doing the same with their sons, is trending,” said Neetha Singh, sales assistant at Jayshree’s/Rivaz at the new Cornubia Mall. 

Sales assistant Roshila Beni shows off the silk bandhani saris.

For girls, there’s a poncho-style anarkali and for the boys, kurthas. “Family-themed matching outfits for siblings are also a favourite,” said Singh. The sari, however, has remained a firm favourite every Diwali, especially the bandhani sari in georgette and silk.

“This sari is elegant, comfortable and popular among women of all ages. Those who prefer to wear pants can opt for the colourful patiala punjabi.”

Other than the anarkali, women opting for something more formal could wear gowns.

Choli sets with halter tops for young girls are popular and could be accessorised with matching handbags.

“For girls who don’t want to wear traditional outfits, kurtha tops and tights with belts are also trendy.”

Boys could wear dhoti sets or kurthas like their dads, said Singh. “This year, we have a mixture of different tones of colours. Some customers like the bright spring tones, while others prefer the darker maroons and navy blues.”

Jewellery, said Singh, was a must to add extra sparkle.

The creative director for Memsaab, Amina Hamid, said because it was winter in India, shimmer saris in dark colours, including grey, copper, wine and burgundy, were in fashion.

She said off-the-shoulder anarkalis were a favourite because it incorporated Western fashion.

“Another popular buy is the crop tops and skirts in colours including blush, peach and pistachio green.”

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