Mel B. Picture: Instagram.
Mel B has mannequins dressed in her Spice Girls outfits on display in her bedroom as a "shrine" to Scary Spice.

The 42-year-old singer has kept many of the clothes she wore in the '90s, including platform shoes and her trademark animal print attire, to remind herself of her time in the 'Viva Forever' group.

Appearing on UK TV show 'Loose Women' as a guest panellist on Tuesday (08.05.18), she spilled: "Some of them were in the garage. I kind of, this sounds so terrible, I built myself a shrine in my bedroom. I got these mannequins and I thought, 'Oh wouldn't it be great if I could dress my mannequins in my old Spice Girls stuff?' I did it as a joke, but actually I really like it. I wake up and I go 'Yeah, I wore that and that's me.' "

The 'Wannabe' hitmaker - who is joined by Mel C, Geri Horner, Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham in the band - sometimes likes to see if she can still fit into the clothes, in particular the skin-tight leopard print catsuit she wore to perform at the 1997 BRIT Awards.

She said: "The BRIT Awards one that I kind of sewed myself into, I try it on every now and again, by myself, when no-one's around.

"I also put my big buffalo boots on the other day, I couldn't even get down the stairs, how did I run around in that?"

The 'American Idol' judge says her six-year-old daughter Madison - whom she has with ex-husband Stephen Belafonte - and her and actor Eddie Murphy's daughter Angel, 11, can't fathom how their mom was in the 'Say You'll Be There' group as she doesn't look like she did then.

She said: "I think because I don't have, as my six-year-old says, poufy hair anymore, my six-year-old and my 11-year-old, they don't really believe I was in the Spice Girls. It's funny because they haven't seen us together perform, perform. "

Mel's eldest daughter Phoenix, 19 - whom she has with first husband Jimmy Gulzar - told her parent she thought her look was "old" fashioned.

Mel recalled: "She said, 'Your style and your kind of look is so old now it's vintage'. Is that a compliment or not? I'm not even sure. She's watching now, 'Oi, Phoenix!'"

Mel B in her trademark animal print attire. Picture: Supplied. 

Mel is looking forward to the day the girl group - who are set to come together for a second time this year to discuss their comeback plans - perform concerts again so she can prove to her children it was all "real".

She added: "When I told them, 'Maybe mummy's going to be going back on tour and getting back with the Spice Girls,' they were like, 'Yes, finally we get to see what you told us you did for real!' It was kind of nice."